EKOTARIM LTD. is a company which provides our farmers with integrated agricultural solutions. It first entered fertilizer sector by powder and mineral fertilizers 15 years ago and has been progressing in the fertilizer sector ever since. Having rights to export products of GUBRETAS A.S., which is one of the major actors in the sector, EKOTARIM LTD. is also providing the countries in our region with granule, powder and mineral fertilizers.

As big companies have become more interested in agriculture and stockbreeding in recent years, our company did some groundwork in farms in Australia and in New Zealand and has been serving the experience the technology there to our farmers.

Having a representation agreement with  GALLAGHER GROUP CO., which is the world leader in electrofence systems and animal management  sectors, our company has also been working in both state-owned or private farms and pastures. Being the representative of  AEL Bloodstock Co., which is the largest heifer exporter in New Zealand, EKO TARIM LTD has also been providing Turkey and some other countries in the region with healthy animals with high yield.
EKOTARIM Ltd is proud to serve farmers with its partners in the areas of  fertilizers, farm animals and electrofence systems. We are paying the utmost attention in reflecting the high quality of goods and services of our partners to our clients.
GALLAGHER Electrofence Systems are EFFICIENT; because they give animals permanent training. The animals which are supposed to stay in, stay in and the animals which are supposed to stay out, stay out.

GALLAGHER Electrofence Systems are ECONOMICAL; because they prevent big economic loses by little investment. They also minimize labour costs.

GALLAGHER Electrofence Systems are PRACTICAL; because they are easy to install. Portable types can be dismantled, moved and installed again.

GALLAGHER Electrofence Systems are GREEN; because poisoning animals becomes unnecessary. In addition , they contribute to pollination by making life easier for beekepers and, hence, encouraging beekeping activities in the countruside.

GALLAGHER Electrofence Systems are HUMANE; because wild animals are not killed, but learn their boundaries. Wild life continues in its natural course.